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Frequently Asked Questions

What is proposed for land at Waterfront Quay?

We are proposing to deliver a mixed-use development at this currently underused location. Our proposals include: 1,432 residential units; two new hotels, one adjacent to Salford Quays Metrolink and the other on the waterfront; a Quayside pedestrian promenade with street-level retail space; and new attractions, including a multi-use playground on top of the discreet car park, floating gardens and harbour baths.


The planned form will see the development massing increase from east to west, with two flagship towers planned for the tip of the pier, one with 36 storeys and the other 47 storeys.

What types of homes are you proposing to build?

A mix of homes will be provided, from 1 bedroom studios to 3 bedroom duplex apartments. All units will be sold on the open market, with the exception of 292 units in Acala Quarter, which will be available to rent through a professional management company.


Royalton Group and Frogmore are committed to delivering a regeneration of this site that benefits the whole Salford Quays community. As such, we are inviting residents and stakeholders to provide feedback on our proposals, including the types of homes proposed.

Why do we need new homes?

You can find out more about why we need to build more homes in Salford by visiting our Background page.

Have you considered the impact of the plans on the local area?

For further information about the impact of our plans on the local area, visit our Considerations page.

Why are the proposed buildings taller than others in the area?

Cotton Quay has been carefully designed to complement its surroundings, including adjacent residential areas. For example, buildings on the southern quayside will have a wharf aesthetic, bringing the architectural style in-line with that seen at Merchants Quay. As a result, when viewed alongside existing properties on Merchants Quay, an architectural continuity will be established that will visually connect Cotton Quay and Merchants Quay.


Furthermore, units on the southern promenade, facing Merchants Quay, are considerably lower in scale than buildings on the northern promenade or central pier. The proposed ’gem’ buildings, located on the sections of pier that protrude into the basins, will be 6-storeys; a similar height to adjacent residential buildings. This will further aid the process of creating a visual connection between the new buildings at Cotton Quay and existing properties; a key aim of the design process.


Notwithstanding this, Cotton Quay is located in an area that has seen a significant increase in high-density housing, particularly around Trafford Road, in recent years. The redevelopment of this site is a key component for Salford Council to achieve the housing numbers which are required to prepare for future population growth. The density of Cotton Quay allows Salford City Council to deliver more homes in a sustainable, desirable location and protect more green spaces and Green Belt land. Cotton Quay is a prime location in the heart of Salford Quays, with amenities and services within easy reach, sustainable transport links to the City Centre and other parts of the conurbation and in a unique and desirable environment.

How will vehicles access this site?

Whilst discussions are ongoing with Transport for Greater Manchester regarding highways layout and access, primary vehicle access to Waterfront Quay will be taken from Trafford Road via The Quays. Royalton Group and Frogmore are currently exploring options to limit vehicular access from Merchants Quay.

Why not build elsewhere?

This site is allocated for mixed-use development in the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, including new homes. As one of the few centrally-located brownfield sites in Salford Quays, this is a prime location for new homes, hotel rooms and commercial space. In addition, this is a sustainable location for development due to the area’s excellent public transport connections, which will reduce pressure on nearby roads and help improve local air quality.

Is this site allocated for development?

The site falls within the wider Salford Quays allocation in the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which allocates the Quays for mixed use development and acknowledges that office development “will continue to be complemented by residential, retail and leisure uses, producing a distinctive mixed-use area”.

What type of planning application will be submitted?

We are currently preparing a hybrid planning application for this site, with some elements covered by a detailed application and others an outline planning application. Included in the detailed planning application will be:


  • 496 new residential dwellings located towards the base of the pier
  • A 235-bed hotel
  • A mixture of commercial spaces at street level
  • The unique harbour baths
  • A 400-space car park with rooftop playground
  • Green spaces and rain gardens throughout
  • Floating gardens on St Peter Basin


Submitted in an outline planning application will be:


  • 927 residential dwellings located across the middle and end of the pier
  • A mixture of commercial spaces at street level within these buildings
  • A 250-bed waterside hotel

What are the benefits?

To learn more about the benefits our proposals, visit our benefits page.

Why are you consulting?

We are consulting with local residents, politicians, business representatives, third party groups and stakeholders – essentially anyone who would have an interest in the plans or could be affected by the proposals.

How can I leave my feedback?

To have your say, visit our Your Views page and complete the online feedback form.

What is the timeline for this development?

We will be holding a consultation between Friday 16th August and Friday 6th September and gathering feedback from local residents about our proposals. This feedback will be fed into our planning application and we hope to submit the application in November 2019.


If planning permission is granted, we hope to commence work as soon as possible.